As a leading equine products supplier, Sydney Equestrian Supplies understands the importance of a powerful Point of Sale solution. Keen to stay ahead of the curve, Sydney Equestrian Supplies wanted to deploy the most efficient and functional POS solution available. The result has been the rollout of Shopkeeper Version 8 – a flexible, modern POS system that is helping the company to rise to the challenge of the online world.

With 20 staff and a 34 year history, Sydney Equestrian Supplies provides agricultural and equine products to customers around Australia on both a retail and wholesale basis. When the company wanted to modernise its Point of Sale system prior to the introduction of the GST, it decided to adopt Shopkeeper – a locally-supported, reliable and easy-to-use POS platform.

Today, having used Shopkeeper for more than a decade, the company continues to be a satisfied customer. “For 13 years, Shopkeeper has been one of the backbones of our business,” says John Vanden Nieuwboer, Sydney Equestrian Supplies’ Proprietor. “When it comes to POS our requirements are simple,” Vanden Nieuwboer says. “We want a product that’s simple, dependable and able to adapt to our business needs.”

Seeking to establish a deeper online presence through a new e-commerce portal, Sydney Equestrian Supplies wanted to integrate their business systems in order to streamline their operations.

“While we used Shopkeeper 7.11 for our retail, wholesale and accounts systems, staff were being forced to enter online orders manually,” says Vanden Nieuwboer. “We needed a solution that would integrate the two systems.”

To achieve this, Sydney Equestrian Supplies upgraded to Shopkeeper 8. The result is a more intelligent, intuitive and integrated system capable of supporting the company’s processes business wide.

Asked about the upgrade, Vanden Nieuwboer says that – with assistance from Markinson’s engineers – the deployment and migration process was smooth.

Through Shopkeeper 8’s new web services system, Sydney Equestrian Supplies is able to
integrate its online e-commerce platform with its existing business systems, creating a
comprehensive and highly efficient solution.

In addition to convenient data-sharing capabilities, Shopkeeper 8 boasts a new and more intuitive user interface with revised workflows and support for higher screen resolutions. Improved search and hot-key functionality allows tasks to be carried out more efficiently.

“The experience of myself and my staff is that Shopkeeper 8 is more flexible, intuitive and easier to navigate,” Vanden Nieuwboer says.

Shopkeeper 8 also delivers faster item creation and modification processes and
increased security controls.

A powerful new revenue-increasing feature that is now at Sydney Equestrian Supplies’ disposal is automatic cross selling, which, if activated, sees staff receive product suggestions based on related purchase histories whenever they execute a sale.

Vanden Nieuwboer states that Shopkeeper is driving efficiencies throughout his business, from point of sale to customer and accounts management activities.

“For Sydney Equestrian Supplies, Shopkeeper continues to be a key piece of business infrastructure,” he says. “Integration with our e-commerce platform will streamline our online sales, making online just another channel within our system.”

Vanden Nieuwboer one of the biggest benefits of shopkeeper is the Markinson support desk, which he says provides “exceptional service.”

Asked about Sydney Equestrian Supplies’ overall experience with Markinson, Vanden Nieuwboer says that he is “very impressed.” He comments: “Markinson really can’t do enough for me. They’re very proactive, genuine and professional and they’ve been a valuable partner over many years. In terms of the current upgrade, we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Vanden Nieuwboer concludes: “With Shopkeeper 8, we’ve deployed an integrated solution that’s centralising our business activities while helping us to work more efficiently. As a point of sale system, it continues to satisfying our developing needs.”