With 18 staff and a 34 year history, Mekolec is one of Melbourne’s largest electrical and data supply companies. Mekolec is also a member of Gemcell: Australia’s biggest independent electrical wholesale group.

When two of Mekolec’s biggest clients asked the company to provide an online catalogue of its products and to establish online ordering facilities, Mekolec sought to respond quickly to their needs.

Unfortunately, introducing these features using the company’s existing ERP software was going to prove an expensive, if not impossible, task.

“We’d been using the same system for 13 years,” says John O’Neil, Mekolec’s Managing Director. “We had the option of trying to integrate new functionality into the existing platform, but it wasn’t going to be straightforward. We felt we’d only be prolonging its inefficiencies.”

Instead, Mekolec went looking for an ERP solution that could meet its long-term needs.

“We wanted a platform that could drive our operations for 20 or more years,” says O’Neil.

“For a business of our size, making a mistake with this type of investment can prove disastrous,” O’Neil says. “Therefore, we went to the market with three specific requirements for the new system – that it support our present and future needs; that it be already used successfully in our industry; and that the provider we partner with have proven industry experience.”

Having investigated their options – and spoken to other suppliers in the Gemcell group – Mekolec chose Markinson to deliver their new system using MomentumPro. “We were thorough in our research,” says O’Neil.

“What tipped us Markinson’s way was the fact that they had ‘runs on the board’ with six members of the Gemcell group already using MomentumPro successfully. It was clear that Markinson understood the electrical wholesaling business. We also believed that MomentumPro, in comparison to some other systems, would be relatively easy to use.”

Asked about implementation, O’Neil says that from to installation to migration, the project was on a tight deadline.

“The pressure was on from our clients to have electronic cataloguing and ordering up and running within a matter of months,” he states. “Once they were on board, Markinson helped us to provide client updates demonstrating that we were working quickly towards delivery.”

O’Neil was also worried about cost – aware of the potential for budget blowouts in such large projects.

“We were very pleased, however, when Markinson were able to deliver the solution not only on time, but under budget,” he says. 

Now live, the MomentumPro solution provides a raft of services and applications to Mekolec’s business, from stock and inventory control, to accounts’ management. The all-important modules for electronic cataloguing, ordering and trading are in place and functioning well, with Mekolec even able to connect directly with its own suppliers.

“With Markinson’s help and through the excellent work of our own staff, the information transfer between the old and new systems proceeded almost flawlessly,” says O’Neil.