A Man’s Toyshop is a long established regionally based supplier of quality tools, parts and machinery for workshops, trucks, tractors, crawlers, autos and specialised hand tools. Established in 1974, the company has grown to employ over 50 staff in 2 locations, offering a range of over 27,000 products to both trade and the private customers.

The company’s Wholesale Manager Arthur Clarke, remembers the days before the implementation of their first Markinson solution in 1994, “Back then you would have to walk around the shop floor and take notes on stock levels. Today we access live data, running up to 20 reports a day through MomentumPro.” This ability to monitor inventory levels and stock movements ensures a steady flow of product, with the information easily accessible to all staff through a user-friendly system.

The ease of use of MomentumPro was a major influence in A Man’s Toyshop’s decision to work with Markinson in 1994.

“At the time we spent around 12 months researching the products available. We were looking for a system that would be easy to implement at a sales level. That is where we needed it the most. Markinson’s solution was way ahead of its competitors in this area. Over the years, the system has become even more user-friendly.”

“The efficient search functions within MomentumPro are particularly useful in the sales process. By keying in only two characters we can see all products within a category, their stock levels, supplier, cost price and GP level,” Mr Clarke says. The accessibility of this information has meant the company has been able to respond quickly to changes in market conditions, including rapid fluctuations in the exchange rate.

“We can adjust pricing instantly across the entire organisation. There have been instances where this has saved us from charging below cost price for certain items, due to increased supplier costs.”

Mr Clarke says the ongoing support offered by Markinson brings great peace of mind. “The Markinson team are so accessible and helpful. From the receptionist to the CEO, I know I can contact who I need and get an answer quickly,” Arthur says.

“In the entire time we have been with Markinson, the amount of downtime we have experienced would only be several hours (in over 15 years). If ever there is a problem, it is rectified immediately,” Mr Clarke says.

A long-standing customer of Markinson, A Man’s Toyshop values this relationship highly.

“Markinson employ some excellent people, and I have always found them to be professional and responsive to our needs,” Mr Clarke says, “overall the contribution they have made has been integral to the profitability of our business.”